New Brunswick’s Catastrophic Drug Program Revealed

On December 10, 2013, the New Brunswick government introduced a bill that will ensure that all PNH patients in the province have access to the life-saving medication Soliris. Bill 27, titled “The Prescription and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Act,” will serve as a lifeline to the few PNH patients who had previously fallen between the cracks, left anxiously awaiting a Soliris funding solution from the province.

The new plan will cover drugs listed on the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program formulary, including Soliris. The plan will be rolled out in two phases – the first being in May 2014, and the second in April 2015.

With the enactment of Bill 27, all PNH patients across Canada will have publicly funded access to Soliris. However, Soliris is not yet funded in New Brunswick, or any province, for aHUS patients.

To see the full bill, click here.