Government statements/releases issued on aHUS Ontario Action Day

Statement from the Office of the Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins
Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Our government is committed to ensuring that Ontarians have access to the best and safest drugs and treatments.

We took the politics out of drug funding, and we now rely on experts to determine which drugs are funded. All drugs go through an expert committee, which undertakes a thorough evaluation based on the best evidence available. That committee includes physicians and pharmacists, as well as patient representatives.

Our government was informed this week by the Executive Officer of Ontario’s public drugs program that Ontario will now provide interim funding to patients with Atypical Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS) who meet defined clinical criteria of the disease. Patients should and can now speak to their physician about accessing Soliris.

Our government is committed to getting people the drugs they need and the drugs that work for them. When people have an illness and there is a drug that can help them with that, we do everything we can to get access to those particular drugs. We will continue to rely on evidence to make decisions about what drugs work.

This year, our government will spend $4.7 billion on drugs, which covers 3,800 drugs for Ontario patients – an increase of $1.7 billion since 2003.


Press release from the Ontario PC Caucus 


February 25, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Today in Question Period, Christine Elliott, MPP for Whitby-Oshawa and Ontario PC Health and Long-Term Care Critic, called on Premier Wynne to approve the life-saving drug, Soliris for patients suffering from atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

“We continue to see patients suffering from debilitating diseases needing to come to Queen’s Park to fight with your government to gain access to medications to save their lives.” said Elliott.

Soliris has already been approved in 40 jurisdictions, including the province of Quebec.

Elliott asked the Premier why she is allowing the Minister of Health to fail at his mandate to provide a coordinated process for approving new and expensive drugs to minimize the wait for people who need lifesaving medications.

“Premier, we are talking about people’s lives here” said Elliott. “Will you stand today and assure these patients and their families that you will follow the other 40 countries that have committed to funding Soliris?”


Press release from Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce


For Immediate Release:
February 25, 2015

Queen’s Park – Today Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce presented an order paper question in the Legislative Assembly addressed to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care.

The question stemmed from an earlier meeting with Huron-Bruce constituents who are fighting the government to approve the life-saving drug, Soliris for those suffering from atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

MPP Thompson asked the following question:

Would the Minister of the Health and Long Term Care explain why the drug Soliris is not permanently funded for all Ontario patients living with atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome?

“This government needs to get check their priorities and fund this life-saving drug for the people of Ontario who truly need it”.

Soliris is approved by Health Canada. It has already been approved in 40 jurisdictions, including Quebec.