Announcement by Australian government regarding Soliris funding

On September 18, the Australian government announced that it will fund Soliris through its Highly Specialised Drugs Program. According to the government, the funding commitment will be $63 million over four years. Please see their press release here. While the government has set aside the funds, they are still awaiting confirmation from the manufacturer regarding the listing and terms.

The aHUS Patient Support Group Australia (aPSGA) reacted publicly to the news, voicing their concerns with the access criteria. In their press release, the aPSGA says that Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) states that treatment with Soliris will be “discontinued in all aHUS patients, including those gaining the most benefit, after only 12 months, after which patients would need to experience another potentially life-threatening flare before being able to re-qualify for recommencing Soliris.” The aPSGA expresses their position that clinicians should be the ones to determine when and if an aHUS patient should go on or come off drug, rather than Medicare.

aHUS Canada understands that the aPSGA will meet with the Australian Health Minister on Wednesday, September 24 to discuss the proposed listing further. We will share more details as they become available.