aHUS Patient Input Program

John Bylok would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone (patients and caregivers) for participating in the recent round of interviews for the ‘aHUS Patient Input Program’.

Response has been incredible (over 30 respondents so far). Your help in strengthening the collective voice of the aHUS community has been fantastic.

To all of those patients and caregivers who helped us last year by participating and have not yet done so this year – Please find the time in the next few weeks to update your journey – your continued participation is very important.

To patients and caregivers new to the Program who have not yet participated – Please find the time in the next few weeks to provide your feedback.

If you are interested in participating, please email John at: bylokandassociates@hotmail.com and indicate any days and times in the next 2-3 weeks when you will be available.

Thank you again!

John Bylok

For more information about this program: