aHUS Canada is calling on the Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia governments to provide public funding for eculizumab, the first and only approved medication for atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS).  As part of that effort, we are encouraging people to gather names on petitions to be introduced in the provincial legislature.  Below you will find a link to download the petitions, as well as some useful tips.

Thank you for your commitment to families in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia living with aHUS.

Tips for using the Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia aHUS petitions:

    1. Always have one or more petitions on you and ask everyone you come across to sign them (even strangers)
    2. Ensure people sign using pen
    3. People only need to be residents of Ontario, Alberta or B.C. (can be under the age of 18)
    4. Circulate petitions as far and wide as possible, to family and friends, other professional/personal networks
    5. If given to family and friends, they can either give the completed petitions to their local MPP/MLA or send them back to you – try to keep track of who you’ve asked to gather names
    6. Once you have approximately 100 signatures, book a meeting with your MPP/MLA to give him/her the petitions (but don’t stop gathering signatures)
    7. Even if you are only dropping them off at their constituency office, get a photograph of you handing the petitions to your MPP/MLA
    8. Follow up with your MPP/MLA to find out what date your petitions will be introduced into the Legislature
    9. Once introduced, the Minister of Health is required to respond in writing to the MPP/MLA who introduced the petition – ask your MPP/MLA to copy you on this response
    10. If your MPP/MLA is the Premier or a cabinet minister, they will not accept your petitions – ask your MPP/MLA to refer you to another local MPP/MLA who can introduce your petitions and book a meeting to see that person
    11. Each time you get a block of 100 signatures, book another drop off time with your MPP/MLA (and get a photograph)
    12. If you find you are able to gather 100s or 1,000s of signatures, please let us know so that we can use some of the petitions in other local constituencies (to spread around their impact)

Click here to download Ontario aHUS petition

Click here to download Alberta aHUS petition

Click here to download British Columbia aHUS petition

Please note that petitions cannot be modified in any way, as any modification will result in it not being accepted by the provincial legislature.