Get Involved! Become an Advocate

An advocate is a person who publicly or privately supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. Advocates can be patients, family members, caregivers, friends, patient group leaders, volunteers, healthcare providers, or anyone who wants to affect change for those living with aHUS in Canada.

aHUS advocates:

  • are passionate about helping others to live better with their disease
  • think of the greater good.
  • believe in social justice and want positive change for all
  • are either living with aHUS or have the moral authority to advocate for what is right.

aHUS Canada’s goal is to raise public awareness of the condition, and this can be achieved through advocacy work.

aHUS Canada can support you in your efforts to raise awareness and understanding of aHUS among the general public, news media and government decision-makers in Canada.

If you would like to get involved with aHUS Canada by becoming an advocate, please contact us at