aHUS Patient Conference… a great success

Thank you to everyone that participated in our aHUS patient conference in Toronto on May 22-23, 2015.  You made it a great success!  A  special thank you to all the speakers that shared their expertise with us.  We have received considerable positive feedback.  We hope that you learned new information and met new friends.  We are planning to post presentations from speakers on our website in due time.

We hope that those who attended filled out the evaluation forms.  If you have not done so, you can still fill them out and send them to margriet@ahuscanada.org    We really value your opinion in order to use the feedback to make our next conference even better!! Thank you to everyone that filled out the sheet detailing your interest in involvement with aHUS Canada. Together we can achieve much!!

Here are some comments received:

“I really liked the review done by Dr.Licht & Dr.Hladunewich.”
“Keegan Johnson was very inspiring – makes the difference!”
” It is helpful to hear families as it reminds us how much support is required for people that deal and live with aHUS.”
“From the starting to the end I’ve learned so much – medical explanation, news, contacts, advocacy etc.”
“The presentations were very interesting. The stories were encouraging.
“Excellent opportunity for networking and learning.”
“I hope more people will be able to attend this meeting as it helps families.”
“I did not get sleepy.”

For those of you who are patients/caregivers, we would like to hear more about your journey with aHUS.  It would be helpful for new patients to post more personal stories on our website.  Please contact us at info@ahuscanada.org if you are interested in sharing your story so we can help you.

Kind regards,

The aHUS Canada Board of Directors